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How to really enjoy your life, no matter what happens!

This easy, effective course will help you develop 12 different qualities that can help you do all those - and much more!

It's kind of a one stop shop for JOY, filled with simple, easy tools and tips that you can use every day to create the life you want.

People who have completed this course have turned their lives around - completely changed their thinking and although things may not have changed in their circumstances, their feelings were transformed and they could remain joyful - despite what was happening around them. They felt in control of their lives and emotions. They were happy from the inside out!


I have seen so many changes in my life since starting this program. I am happy, I accept myself for who I am, warts and all.I know that life throws us curve balls occasionally, I know now how to reframe each situation, to find the good in it and others by using the amazing skills I have gracefully inhaled. I cherish our learning, this past year has been huge for me!! To think that only 12 months ago I was borderline "suicidal", I had nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, I was facing bankruptcy, stressed out of my brain, awfully overweight and lonely. I dont recognize the person in the initial photos on my profile page. Today I have diamonds in my eyes, I have been told that I have light exuding from my being as I walk down the street. People want to know where they can buy what I have. I tell them about the program! Thank you. Aviva

Seeing a video of Amanda : "How to let people know you love them", was great and refreshing, it made me want to find out more about Amanda.So I googled her and found her website and then submitted to receiving her news letters. By doing so I could down load the first chapter of her book: Joy Is An Inside Job. And what a Joy that turned out to be! I found Amanda's approach so refreshing and inspiring and for me most important was her sense of humor! Going through a very difficult and dark time of my life, doing the program brought light and a smile on my face. Amanda brings in such a simple way gratitude to our awareness in every day situations that we take so much for granted. I truly have had my deal of "stuff"and "issues" to deal with, yet I still have so much to be thankful and grateful for. Realizing this brings the gift of Joy to ones life. Being a "Good Finder" even in the most impossible situations, there is some how something good to find about it or in it. Being able to find the "good" in a very bad event in my life led me to forgiveness. Even if you just do the first module and apply this to your every day life it will bring such a huge difference and lots of JOY. It gives so many tools of awareness, empowerment and humor. Re-finding my sense of humor is also a great gift I got from this program. Amanda teaches us in a very loving and inspiring way to deal with every day issues. Vevann

Thank-you to everyone for sharing your time & for helping us to give & receive joy!!! Am learning to let go of things that are holding me back & that I am worthwhile. Am learning a lot & finding a multitude of resources, gifts & opportunities to bring joy into my life & the lives of others. Read through my gratitude journal this morning & noticed the patterns changing in what I feel I am grateful for. Really feeling more connected to the universe. Noticing how much joy smiles, friendly greetings & thoughts & acts of generosity bring to us all :-) Have a lot more courage, love & faith. Jessica

After hearing that a friend was in a state of depression, I recommended this program and emailed the various websites that are available. He ended up doing the course, buying tons of gratitude glasses and then buying books to give as gifts. He has since embarked on volunteering in the community. I am so pleased with this. Thank you. Merry

I am thrilled beyond words to have completed the course and I am not complete yet, of course! I have wanted to be smart enough and good enough to get a PhD for more than 30 years but never had the courage and will to make that happen. Now, through this program you have provided guidance, support, love, wisdom and community. I have new tools and greater awareness and will plan to review the lessons so that I go deeper into the learning. Joyce

I was one of the people involved in the initial trial of the On Line Gratitude Chapter. Being closely involved as Amanda's husband from when she started writing the program, I felt that what I would bring to this exercise was to check for "cluncky" bits as I was familiar with the content and the process. Well! Was I pleasantly surprised, going through the daily exercises was beyond powerful, it was profound. I found not only did I learn a lot about myself but it was also inspiring to read the joy jottings of my joy mates. It made a difference as I could really feel what they were experiencing as what they wrote was from the heart and spiritually uplifting. Ken

I love the joy lessons because they are simple tools but very powerful and deep, not easy to put to use and yet so blindingly effective that they are undeniable when I use them. I found the Utubes with laughing exercises to transport me to a different feeling. I found that dropping to the heart opened a different way of experiencing my world. I found the forgiving to lighten my load. Because of the Joy modules, I have progressed greatly and I see that I need to honour the divine in me and others so that I treat others (and myself) differently. When I have love and acceptance for myself, I can be more loving and connected with others. I felt profoundly disconnected a year ago, and I felt discouraged, low-down and lost about what my purpose is life is and was. I have not figured it out, but I am moving toward understanding that my purpose may be to be fully me and to use my gifts (as best I can discern) to serve others and to make their lives more joyful. I think the Inner Peace module is truly one of the most powerful since it helps understand the road to truly finding my peace. I feel greater peace as I practice being an involved observer rather than trying to "make" my mother's, sister's, nephews' lives safer, healthier and better. My life is in short easier and more joyful! Thank you. Joyce

I can honestly say doing this program has really kept me focused and more positive about changes happening in my life. Hope helped me stay positive and reverance to appreciate myself more. I am working my way to forgiveness because I don't do that well yet. Thank you team and fellow joy buddies. I am glad I started this journey. Sue

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Amanda Gore
Amanda Gore

Amanda Gore has been writing and speaking on Joy, communication, stress busting, wellness, relationships and emotional intelligence for 30 years! Her book Joy Is An Inside Job is the inspiration behind this fun and effective course.

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